Sunday, March 16, 2008


Normally when Bri comes to visit, we don't do a whole lot, we just relax for the week. Well, this week we decided to take her on a day trip to Sedona!! Part of I-17 ("The 17") had a bunch of construction and about an hour and a half detour so we took a different route up north. We went through Payson and Strawberry to get there and on the way, this is what we saw!! SNOW!! (Brynn was sleeping in the van, she didn't even get to see it!! No, that wasn't us up on the hill...)

Here are a few pictures of the beautiful red rocks.

When we take people to Sedona, we always take them to the Church of the Holy Cross. It's a beautiful church that has some really amazing views and rock formations. Here are pictures of the church as well as the eagle and turtle that you can see from the church.

When we were in town, we grabbed some lunch and Brynn drank some water from a big girl glass (with some help from Daddy)!!

Here is one that we took of Bri and Brynn at lunch!!

The sunset on our way home... a nice way to end a fun day!!


Bri said...

"Rock Formation" was all i needed to know... there was no real eagle... and no chadly, i'm really not that gullable.

Sally said...

I'm jealous!Nice to Auntie Bribo/Brynn pictures!

Heidi said...

Oh Sedona is so beautiful-I'm glad your family gets to visit so much!