Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Seven random facts

I have been Tagged!! Becki tagged me on her blog (Click on the Sweet Daisy link to the left of this post) and I think Heidi may have a long time ago too (?)... so here we go!!

I don't have seven people to tag on my page, so I won't tag anyone, you can just read my random facts!!

1. I didn't realize how much I love being a Wife and Mommy. Thank goodness I signed up for!

2. When I was a kid, I used to rollerskate competitively. My mom used to pick Bri and I up from school and drive to practice almost every day. Apparently I haven't told as many people as I thought I did about this huge part of my life because TJ and Jenn didn't even realize it until a few weeks ago!! I even came in 4th place at Nationals one year!! To see some embarrasing pictures from my skating days, just click on the link to Cassie's blog and go to her January link. (I'm horrible at linking things on the blog!)

3. I played lacrosse when I was in junior high and high school.

4. I am addicted to reality tv shows. We originally heard Brynn's name on the Real World Las Vegas. If we had a boy, we liked the name Evan. That came from the Real World/Road Rules Challenges. Brynn's name is also a combination of my sister's first and middle names... Brianna Lynn. Her middle name is a combination of my Grandma (Opal Mae) and Chad's Grandma (Ida May)... so we spelled it Maye!!

5. I came to the conclusion that I am always stressed. Everything stresses me out. I think the only way to resolve my issue is to win the lottery. I keep playing but not winning. Maybe my luck will change soon.

6. I really do love that we have the Bug. It's a fun car and I'm amazed at how well Chad has restored it, he's done a great job!! Everything on it has been super easy for him to work on or restore and he's had a lot of fun doing it. We've also met some really great people because of it.

7. I love Arizona but I wish my family was closer. A four hour plane ride or a thirty eight hour drive is too far away.


Sally said...

Agreed on #7!

Bri said...

agreed. get excited... a new blog is coming! :) lol