Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Auntie Bri, Auntie Bri!

We said that a lot over the last week and a half, that's for sure!! Auntie Bri spent basically every single minute of her spring break here, she was visiting from Thursday night (3/13) at about 10:30 until Sunday night (3/23) at 11:30pm, arriving back in Cleveland yesterday at 6:15am!!

Her trip started out pretty interesting, on the way back to our house from the airport, two police cars came flying up behind us on the 202 and it scared the crap out of me... I knew I wasn't speeding that much!! They flew past us and a few minutes later, we realized that there was an accident at the Higley off ramp. A truck was flipped over, there were about six police cars, two ambulances and two firetrucks. The accident must have just taken place because shortly after we drove past, they shut the freeway down for the night. We watched the news the next morning and they told us that there were fourteen people in the truck (it looked like a Chevy Colorado!), most of whom were illegals. Ah, welcome to Arizona.

Friday, I took Brynn to the babysitter so Bri could enjoy a day by herself relaxing in the sun. Right Bri?

Saturday, we went on our trip to Sedona!

Sunday, we went and got pedicures and of course, Bri hated hers. So picky.

From Monday until Friday, Bri watched Brynn from 6:45 until Chad got home at 4:30!! I think it was kind of a reality check for her, she told us she's not having kids until she's 30! She had a lot of fun while she was here, she and Brynn really seemed to bond this trip. One day, Bri said "We have a secret hand shake, you wanna see?" I told her it wouldn't really be a secret handshake if she showed us... ;o)

Some cute pictures from her trip...

Thanks for coming to visit this week, we all had a lot of fun!!


Bri said...

You never realize how much fun you have until you're back where you came from. Man, my blog is going to be so long! you missed out on so much!!! :o) And, that's the cool people's handshake now... better keep practicing Mommy! hehe

Thanks for a fun trip right back at you!

love you!

you're moving home when? (jk chad) lol

Sally said...

I love Brynn's ornry grin in the last picture! Yup, hard to come home eh Bri?!

Rachel said...

Looks like you guys had a GREAT time! Isn't family great!