Saturday, March 1, 2008

Grammie's trip!!

Grammie flew in from Ohio last Wednesday and headed back home today. Brynn had a blast while she was here!! Grammie was the one who taught Brynn to stand up by herself... now she doesn't want to sit or lay down anymore!! She also taught her "Love, love, love", which basically means to cuddle but it's Grammie's way of saying it. She knows "Eskimo kisses" too, which are when you rub your nose against Brynn's!! Grammie also took her on walks everyday, which she loved!!

Grammie spoiled Chad and I while she was here too... she cooked, cleaned and did our laundry!! Thanks for everything Grammie!! (P.S. Chad says come back soon!! Please??)

Here are some fun pictures from Grammie's trip!!


Sally said...

Grammie had a blast too! Brynn really has a fun personality! These next months will be so amazing with Brynn learning so many new things! Patience, patience, patience! I'm really going to miss the love, love, love! The picture of her kissing Grammie is my favorite! Love all of you guys and by the way...did we hit the jackpot!!!?

Bri said...

that was a kiss... ok i thought she was trying to eat you lol :)

Rachel said...

Grammies rule!

Harmony said...

Being spoiled by Grammie is ALWAYS a wonderful thing!! :)