Tuesday, June 24, 2008

11 Months Old!!

Baby girl, I can't believe it's been almost a year since we saw your beautiful little face for the first time!! I know I say this every month but you have changed so much!!

This is your favorite face to make, everyone who you show this face to seems to make it right back at you!!:

Your fifth tooth has popped through and there are a few more that are just about ready to make an appearance!!

You are crawling all over the place and you're extremely fast. You still occassionally do your army crawl but when you're on a mission to get something, you're up on your hands and knees!!

Last week when GGMa was watching you, you discovered Allie and Mel's water dish. Apparently you loved it, she said that there was water all over the place!!

You like to hang out with me in the bathroom while I get ready in the morning... you rearrange all of the bathmats and you like it when I blow the hair dryer on you.

Your favorite song is on the "Freecreditreport.com" commercial (the one where the guy is driving the Geo Metro!) - when you hear it, you start to dance!! You love music and you love to play your pianos in the morning.

You are such a talker these days!! You say MaMa, Mom, DaDa, Dad, pups, up, nite nite, and your favorite is AHHHHHHHHHHHH!! OH MY GOODNESS, you are getting noisy!!

You know who Allie and Mel are and if we ask you where they are, you look around the room until your eyes are glued on them. You know that Mel likes to eat your leftovers that you've left for her in your high chair and you've even tried to hand her your snacks. You LOVE IT when Allie gives you kisses, you think it's the funniest thing ever!! (I'll post a video soon!)

You love to tickle everyone, you get so excited when we squirm to avoid your hand!! You, on the other hand, take after your Daddy and are only ticklish when you are in the mood. How fair is that?!

You love food and have tried quite a few new things this month. We think your favorites are rice, refried beans and Gogurt (thanks for the idea Jenn!).

This month has been so much fun!! We love you Brynn!!

Here are a few pictures that you haven't seen yet:


Sally said...

Aww...She is getting so big! Grammie's counting down the days...24 DAYS!Miss you guys!

I love the picture with Mel!

Bri said...

TOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! Im trying to fig out the plans on when to come visit... i have to wait to hear from my prof. ah what a little booger! :)

ps- Lindy and I are celebrating Brynn's Bday our way, at Cedar Point! She better be coaster friendly when she's tall enough, i wouldn't doubt it with the way daddy holds her in the air!

Harmony said...


And btw? Maggie loves the freecreditreport.com songs too! Hahahaha...

Let us know when you're heading to Ohio - we'd LOVE to get together at Cedar Point :)

Rachel said...

I LOVE the pic with the dog. Too cute!!