Monday, June 9, 2008

Beach Baby!!

On Friday, Gramma, Chad and I took Brynn on her first trip to see the ocean!! She wasn't too sure about the sand at first but then she seemed to like wiggling her little toes in it. She absolutely hated the water at first because it was so cold. As soon as the first wave came up and touched her feet, she picked her feet right up in the air!!

Chad picked up some handfuls of sand that had baby crabs in it and Brynn thought those were pretty neat, she even touched them!!

Here are some pictures from our fun first trip to the beach.


Monkey Suit said...

Cute kid and nice pics

Bri said...

she's workin those abs, lifting her feet from the water lol Miss you guys!

Rachel said...

SO much fun!! I can't wait to take Johanna to the beach!