Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Family time

On Saturday night, we grilled out and got to spend some time with Chad's sister Ana, her boyfriend Keith (aww, aren't they so cute?!), Jody and Mike. Brynn wasn't too sure what to think of Keith at first, he has some pretty spikey hair compared to her Daddy's!! After a little while of Keith trying to play with her, she got used to him and ended up having a lot of fun!! Here are some pictures from our fun "family night"... as well as a few others from the rest of the trip!!


Bri said...

soooooooo soooooooooon! still looking for flights! glad you had a good time... i dont know about a call tonight but ill try this weekend. miss you. a lot.

Rachel said...

Is that the same sister who was in Ohio? She looks the same but really different at the same time!!