Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

I think Chad had a pretty good first Father's Day!! It started out with Brynn not waking up until 7:30, which is just amazing because she went to sleep at 5:30 last night!! She's an awesome sleeper!! Brynn gave her Daddy his card and then I gave him his. We hung out for a while and then went to breakfast, where we ran into TJ, Jenn and Matt!! (Oh, speaking of which, I heard that all of my Arizona sisters are wanting to start blogs... so I'll be checking my e-mails frequently for links to them...)

After breakfast, we headed over to the money pit (a.k.a. Home Depot). We had to get some paint so we could work on Brynn's new toybox. Chad's dad made it for Brynn but Chad wanted to decorate it for her. Chad put a Pepto Bismol colored primer on it but then when we went to the money pit, we changed our minds and went with purple. We also came home with an evap cooler for the garage, because it gets so hot out there while he's working. It's about a million degrees out there even if you're not working. I'd say he's a pretty lucky Daddy because not many others would have came home with something like that for Father's Day. Brynn's also lucky to have such a fun and awesome Daddy!

After dinner tonight, Chad and I played Wii... and I kicked his butt at bowling AND boxing! I had to throw that in there, normally I stink at video games!! (And yes, just for his sake, he kicked my butt at tennis and Mario Kart!)

Here's a picture of Brynn sitting on the toy box, we're not done with it yet but it looks pretty good so far!! It barely fits all of her stuffed animals and it's 4' x 2' x 2'! Grandpa put a music box and a secret compartment in it, she's not allowed to open it until she's 13.

This afternoon Chad and Brynn spent some fun time together, here are a few pictures!!

Yesterday, we met GGPa and GGMa for an early Father's Day lunch!! They live here but they're snowbirds and are going to be leaving for about three months. Brynn had fun making goofy faces at GGPa and she ate cucumbers for the first time too! She loved the insides but not the edges.

Happy Father's Day to my Dad too!! It sounded like he had a fun day today, he had a really good seat at the Indians game!! That's one of my best memories from jr high and high school, we would go to a million Indians games!! Grampie, here are some of the cute faces Brynn was making this afternoon while we were talking!!


Bri said...

please tell me you're not doing the poof to her hair lol I cooked dinner for fathers day and he said it was perfect! also go thim a khols gift card so he can have fun in sales... i was trying to find polo shirts but didnt find ones that i liked... seeeeeeeeeee you soon!

Harmony said...

She is so adorable!! The pictures of her and Chad goofing around are GREAT!!

Happy first Fathers' Day, Chad!!