Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hard Rock and Hollywood

Chad and I always try to go to a Hard Rock Cafe when we're on vacation, so we went to the one in Universal City, CA on Saturday. So far, we've been to the ones in Cleveland, Puerto Vallarta, Denver, Phoenix and Universal City. (I've been to the one in Cancun too but we won't "count" that one.) What was ridiculous about this one was that we had to pay $20 just to park... plus food! (Thanks for lunch Jody!!)

Here's one with Brynn too, see her? She looks teeny tiny!!

After lunch, we headed to Hollywood Blvd to see some of the stars. Didn't see anyone famous, just the stars on the sidewalk. Here's one I took of Jody squishing Michelle Pfeiffer's star. They went to school together and at one point were pretty close friends. Then, Michelle turned into a b****. So, I told Jody she should squish her.

Here's Ryan Seacrest's star, I'm a fan.

OH, then we saw this guy and we had to take a picture of him for Brenda. He was a big jerk of an Elmo and wouldn't turn and face me, I'm guessing unless he saw I had money in my hand for a tip (which I didn't), so this is the best I could do. It was the thought that counted... Brenda, I think your costume's in much better shape than this guy's.

I think it would have been really cool to go on one of those tours that show you where all of the stars live but we didn't have a whole lot of time. We had a pretty fun day but that day made me realize that I never want to live anywhere around LA, ever. There was way too much traffic and it was pretty dirty compared to what I thought it would be.

Brynn was even scared!!

Hee hee... just kidding!! (You can see her two top teeth in this one!!)


Harmony said...

Glad you had fun. As always, LOVE the pictures of Brynn :)

Let us know when you're headed this way - a day at Cedar Point would be AWESOME!

Bri said...

i wasnt expecting another post but good thing i checked!!! :)