Friday, July 11, 2008

Big Girl Food!!

We've decided that Brynn's pretty much done with baby food. She won't eat it when we try to give it to her, she just tries to take the food and the spoon and see how far she can throw them. Or drop them and see how far they bounce. Or let Mel lick her spoon so it looks like she ate the food herself. Little girl, you're very smart... luckily for Mommy and Daddy you're not very sneaky!!

So far, she loves anything that has to do with a hot dog... she ate almost a whole corndog all by herself!!

Tonight, we ordered her first Happy Meal from McDonald's!! She only ate two and a half chicken nuggets and two french fries, but it was exciting!!


Kelsey Ann said...

I know! With the hot dogs my mom made little mini ones for the daycare kids and she was crawling around the babies table stealing theirs when they wernt looking! Shes Really Smart!!!

Sally said...

Takes after her Mom! All you would eat for, I swear,a year and a half was hot dogs and mac & cheese! :)

Amanda West said...

Chad was the same way with hot dogs and mac and cheese!!!

Bri said...

you can try turkey dogs too! we had some on the 4th (i did) and theyre really good!