Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lowe's commercial

Brynn's new favorite commercial is the Lowe's one where the guy opens the patio door and it says "Paint me!". Every time she hears that door on the commercial squeal, she has to watch it!


Bri said...

its my fav too! haha i just told mom that last night! :)

Rachel said...

I saw that commercial for the first time last night and loved it! She has good taste!

Bob said...

Yes! My kids and I love it. It's rare that we'll even mention a commercial to one another, rarer still that we all saw it, and even rarer that we all liked it. This was one of those times! :-)

We joked about it a lot this week. ("Paaaaaint meeeee"...."Paint me!") I wish I could find it online. If anyone knows of a link, please post it.