Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Brynn!! (A Year In Review)

Brynn, I honestly can't believe that you are one already. I don't know if I can refer to you as a whole year old yet, I think I'll need to wait a little while. First, I had to get used to keeping track of how many weeks old you were, then months and now years. Time is flying by too quickly.

I remember a year ago today at 5:30am, I started having contractions. I knew right away that your birthday was going to be on July 24th. You came right on time, on your delivery date. I had been waiting for this day for so long. (Seriously, if you don't believe me, go back and read some old posts!!)

At around 8:30am, Daddy, Grammie and I headed to the Chandler Hospital. They thought about trying to send us back home at about 10:30am because they didn't think that you were ready to meet us yet. I told them that WE WERE NOT GOING ANYWHERE and that you were going to be born that day. They had me walk around in the hallways for about an hour and then they changed their minds and said that I was right, they were going to check me in. I'm always right... just remember that!! ;o)

We waited for Aunt Amy to get to the hospital to deliver you (she had perfect timing!) and about four hours later, we met you for the first time!! You were born at 11:21pm on July 24th. We spent three days in the hospital and then were ready to go home to settle into our new lives as a family.

Your Daddy and I can't imagine our lives without you. You have been an amazing daughter and we can't wait for the adventures ahead of us. We've got so many fun things that we can't wait to show and teach you. You're such a smart, brave, beautiful little girl. We love you so much!!

Here are some pictures from the first year of your life, I can't believe how much you've grown!!

July 2007

Daddy showing you off for the first time!!

Close Up

Sticking Out Your Tongue!!

First Smile Caught On Camera

Home From The Hospital

August 2007

September 2007

October 2007

Daddy Did Your Hair!!

First Halloween - Our Little Ladybug!!

Picking Out Pumpkins

November 2007

December 2007


All Bundled Up With Mommy

First Haircut

January 2008

February 2008

First Eye Patch

Yummy Carrots!!

March 2008

In The Bug

April 2008

First Easter

Before First Eye Surgery

After Surgery

May 2008

June 2008

Trying A Cucumber

First Trip To CA In Her Big Girl Seat!!

First Trip To The Beach

July 2008


Rachel said...

Ok, I totally have to admit that I got teary eyed reading. It does go too fast. She is beautiful :)

Sally said...

Me to Rachel, me too! She has such a sunny disposition. I think she looks a lot like Amanda at this age. She's starting to get her "TUDE" too! :)Amanda and Chad are great parent's and Brynn is so happy and makes us laugh. Being a Grammie is the absolute best feeling! Love you Brynn!

azjenn said...

That was so beautiful! I totally cried! You are making the best memories for her and you will be so glad you did all this! Nothing is like your first 1st birthday. I remember Matt's 1st birthday. I cried almost the whole day. Hope you have a great 1st Birthday Brynn! We love you oodles and oodles!

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Brynn!! Congratulations to all three of you for a great year- I can't believe its been that long, I feel like she was just born.

Bri said...

YAAAAAAAY Brynn! You made it through your first year of Daddy picking on you and Mommy squeezing you so much you squeek!!! Just wait, there's more of that to come!! Love you guys! Happy Day to you, Brynn... have fun at your party see you in a few weeks! :)

Harmony said...

Adorable pictures!! Happy Birthday, big girl!!

Samantha said...

Ok, so of course I think my kid is the cutest kid ever (what mama doesn't!) but my vote for second cutest kid ever goes to Brynn:) Happy birthday kiddo