Friday, July 25, 2008


That last post took me like three days to finish so I've been avoiding the computer. No worries though, I have enough pictures and videos to last me for two months.

It's been crazy around here. Speaking of crazy, here are some videos we took tonight of my Mom, Dad, Chad and I playing the Wii!

Chad and my Dad boxing... (With my Mom coaching...)

Are you wondering who won?

Mom and I boxing... I kept whacking myself with the cord! We look like idiots but I had to put it on here!!


Cassie said...

hehe....these are cute! looks like you get a pretty good workout playing these games. i was exhausted just watching you all! :) looks like you guys are having a great visit! oh and i'm a little late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brynn!!

Bri said...

hahaha! I played boxing with Ali while she was home and she kicked my butt! her arms were flailing and she didnt even tell me which one i was until after the first round! she told me i would def get a workout and i woke up the next day sore! ill have to kick some but when i come out there!

mom and manda have the same facial expressions and movements when theyre trying to beat each other up! haha i laughed so hard watching these! thanks for posting them! :)

Sally said...

My arms are so sore! I didn't know which one I was with the boxing! It's like hittng a ghost.... I AM THE TENNIS CHAMP THOUGH! :)

Sally said...

P.S. Amanda.....I'm yor Mamma and I kicked your ass! :)

azjenn said...

Excuse me while I go to the bathroom beofre I wet myself! That was hyserical! It might end up on Utube! Very Funny! PS what's the word on the America's Funniest Video? This could be your next entry! :-)

Amanda West said...

Yeah... I look like a dumbass but oh well!! No word yet from America's Funniest Home Videos on Brynn's video!!