Monday, July 7, 2008

Exciting News!!

Chad started a new job today!! CONGRATULATIONS BABE!! That's an awesome birthday present! It seems like a great opportunity and we're really excited about it!! He's still going to be working on air compressors and dryers but now he'll get to drive a company truck...

YAY! This means that I'll be driving the car that he was driving to and from work and we'll just be taking the van at night and on weekends. The car that he drives costs approximately $46.00 to fill up... and the van costs $72.00 to fill up. EVERY WEEK! I'm guessing we'll end up saving close to $250.00 a month. Ah. Finally, some good news for us! Just after I typed that, Chad told me that the check engine light came on in the van. Nice. There goes that $250.00 for this month.

Also, thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes... I had a pretty good day today. Brenda and Kelsey took a picture of Brynn, blew it up and framed it for me! I walked in the door and Chad was like "LOOK!" I was super impressed and thought that he did it! ;o) They also sent some cupcakes home with him!! THANKS CAUDILLS!!

I also had a box that was addressed to "Manda West" so I knew it had to be from Bri... she sent a "Lucky Bamboo Plant". So, maybe this plant will be lucky and stay alive for a while!! ;o) THANKS BRI!!

Thanks again to everyone who sent birthday messages!!

Here's another picture of my two favorite people!!


Sally said...

Brynn is so freakin' cute, Grammie can't wait to give her hugs and kisses! 12 DAYS!

Heidi said...

Congratulations Chad! Its nice to catch those breaks, isn't it? And I'm glad you had a great birthday. On my birthdays, especially since I turned 24, I like to do a "10 years ago, would I have thought life would be like this??"- so at 17- would you have thought life would be like this? I think, anyways, that things are a lot better for you than you could have imagined then- because they are for me and YOU have your great your family and friends. Anyways, my point is- happy birthday, and I hope for all of my friends is that amidst all of the frustration and stress of life you can be proud of how far that 17 year old you has come!

Bri said...

Enjoy... I thought something like that might help out a bit! Hope you got my card too... it's a good one!

Congrats Chadly! I hope you enjoy the new company truck and saving on the gas every month!!!

PS- has Brynn received Her birthday present yet? Hmmm... I wonder what it could be?! :)

Cassie said...

I love the comment by your friend Heidi! That is great! Congrats to Chad on his new job and may many joys follow you this year and the many to follow! Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your concert, sounds like a blast!!

Rachel said...

Glad you had a nice b-day! I felt a little old when I turned 27 too. I liked what Heidi said. I don't think that at 17 I could have ever pictured how fabulous life would be at 27 :)