Saturday, September 27, 2008

14 Months Old!!

Brynn, you turned 14 months old a few days ago and of course, I can't believe it. It's already been 2 months since your big birthday bash!!

You've really developed your own little personality. You've started to smile at EVERYONE to get them to smile back at you; you know you're cute and you're taking full advantage of it!!

You love grapes, especially green ones. Just like your Daddy. This morning I caught you with 5 of them in your mouth, attempting to shove one more into those chubby cheeks of yours. I said "BRYNN!" pretty loud, you opened your mouth (I think I freaked you out a little) and all of them came rolling out. Mel enjoyed them almost as much as you did. She's our Brynn-crumb catcher. She lays under your high chair waiting for anything you drop, throw or spit out. It doesn't matter what it is, she loves it. Last week, your Daddy caught her with her front paws on the foot part of your high chair trying to get to all of your leftovers in your seat. We were both surprised that the highchair didn't break, considering she weighs like 70lbs!!

You love Allie's kisses and when she comes running at you when she's excited. She gets you all excited and then you squeel and laugh like crazy. You always try to poke her eyes, smack her head and pull on her ears, but she doesn't mind. You're her little buddy.

You still aren't walking by yourself yet but Daddy and I aren't complaining. You pull yourself up all the time and will walk all around the coffee table while holding on... you're just not quite ready to let go.

You love to brush your teeth... or atleast suck all of the toothpaste and water out of the toothbrush anyway. If you see the toothpaste sitting on the counter, you get all mad if I don't keep putting it on your toothbrush (so I hide it after refilling you twice!!).

In the morning while I'm getting ready for work, you like to watch The Wiggles. You don't know what to think of the hair dryer but you like it when my hair blows all around, it makes you smile. I tell you that I love you all morning long, it sounds like "IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YYYYOOOOOOOOUUU!!" and then I point at you and you point back at me! We do this with Daddy too!!

On our ride to Brenda's house in the morning, we listen to your "Car Songs" cd that Mimi got you for Christmas. Your favorite song is John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmitt (I have NO IDEA if I spelled that right.). You try to sing along with the music!! Daddy thinks it's pretty cool because you say "Da da da da da" when that part of the song comes on. You love music, you like to play your flute, piano and xylophone. You learned how to take your xylophone apart and are now missing four pieces to it!!

You still don't like to wear your shoes on your feet, you like to put them on your hands and crawl around like that. You've attempted to put them on your feet several times but when Daddy or I try to help you put them on, you get mad and take them off!!

Dad, Daddy and Dada are your favorite words. Allie is "AAAAAAAAAAA" or "AAAAAAAAA EE". Mel is "Mel". Last night, Brenda told me that she had a microphone and was giving all of the kids at daycare a turn to say certain words and she said that you were the only one who would say "kitty cat"!!

You had swimming lessons this morning with Daddy and you did awesome. You're the only one who hasn't missed a class yet!! You're learning to monkey crawl on the wall and how to get out of the pool. You understand what you're supposed to do but you're not strong enough yet to pull yourself all the way out.

Here are some pictures from this month:


Bri said...

wow! she has grown so much since ive been out there! i can't believe it! dont grow up too fast monkey... i need to see it for myself! love you guys!

Sally said...


Can't believe she's 14 months old!