Friday, September 26, 2008


Reason for the title?

* I love Grey's Anatomy. (Just watched it tonight, recorded it last night.) So cool that badass soldier guy took care of Christina.

* It's Friday.

* The weather is cooling down, which is good because I am really hating the summers here without a pool.

* We're going to hang out with Jenn & her family this weekend.

* The Bug is almost finished.

* Reminder... it's Friday.

* Chad's getting up with Brynn tomorrow to let me sleep in a little. What a keeper.

* UPDATE... he WAS a keeper. He just put my clean clothes on the floor because he wanted to go to bed and I was just finishing that last *. Now he just thinks he's the funniest person in the world, he's cracking up to himself right now. ;o)

*** UPDATE # 2 *** he just put my clothes back up on my side of the bed.

*** EDIT *** Chad just pointed out the reason that he put them on the floor was because there are two laundry baskets with clean clothes in them already and there isn't room to put more in them (Um, I'm sure there is...).

I hate doing laundry (or any other sort of cleaning) - can you tell?

Ok, I'll go fold some clothes...

*** UPDATE # 3 *** This morning (Saturday), I woke up at 9:00. Chad and Brynn both woke up at 9:30. Did you read that? BRYNN WOKE UP AT 9:30!!! WOW!!!


Sally said...

You guys crack me up! Chad's "funny" undies weren't in there were they? :)

Amanda West said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Nope!!!!!! I swear, he doesn't really wear them!!!!

Bri said...

lol that was a refreshing update, thanks for informing us haha reminds me, maybe i should clean and not go workout (lacking motivation today... maybe coffee will help?) new post tonight!!! :)