Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Note To Self

Brynn tugging on her ears a lot doesn't mean she has an ear infection. It means she likes to tug on her ears... she's been doing it for the last few days and I kind of wondered if she was getting an ear infection but I don't have a clue because she hasn't ever had one before. (Knock on wood.) Brenda called today while I was at work and was pretty concerned because Brynn was doing quite a bit of tugging and she was also pretty needy and moody. I figured it was because she's been going swimming so much lately and maybe she had some water stuck in her ears.

Took her to the doctor and he said she's just fine. No ear infection. No fever. No fluid in her ears. No nothing. Whew. You know what that means? She's a tough little cookie and I'm a paranoid Mommy.

And just because I thought this was a super cute picture... here you go!! I love those chubby little feet!!


Bri said...

at least youre starting her out right in new balance! :) for those wide feet!

azjenn said...

Matt had ear infections and never complained nor had a fever. Every child is different and it is better to take her into the DR then to just assume otherwise! You are not paranoid! You are a great mother! You had all the signals of an ear infection so you did the right thing! And Brenda would not have suggested it if she didn't think it was a problem! Believe me she has been through a lot with kids and her instinct has been right with my son! Brynn is lucky to have such a great set of parents!

Rachel said...

Ha! I did the same thing last week with Johanna. The babysitter said that she was pulling at her ear and seemed a little wobblie on her feet. So, I took her in and there was NOTHING wrong! Better safe then sorry :) Glad Brynn is ok. All part of being a good mommy!

Sally said...

You used to do that too..it's a comfort thing!