Friday, September 12, 2008

Word Of The Day

Freeway or Highway? Chad says freeway... I say both. I get made fun of for calling it a highway though.

Or, here in AZ, you just say "The 10", "The 60", "The 202", etc.


Sally said...

Highway...or 70,271,30 etc.

Heidi said...

Ah-ha, I'm glad you printed this because they are actually two different things:

A highway is basically a major or main public road that connects towns or states. They can have traffic lights, tolls, etc. Interstate highways are regulated by the federal government and were created by Eisenhower.

A freeway is a type of highway that does not have traffic lights and you have to take a ramp to get onto it, and there cannot be tolls on them (hence free), it is designed for faster travel to and from towns. It is often the same thing as an expressway or limited access highway.

Route 30 is a highway. 71 is a highway AND freeway. As with many things, however, different places uses them interchangeably. I imagine they are used more interchangeably in bigger cities and especially in the west where there are very few small road that people take.

So the good news about this is that if you call it a highway, you are ALWAYS right, but if you call it a freeway then you could be wrong. Yay Amanda!! =)

And the bad news is that I am NERD

Amanda West said...

Ooh! Good one Heidi!! I'll be sure to point it out to Chad, that's for sure!! ;o)

Amanda West said...

And... you're not a nerd. You proved me right!! Thanks!!

Bri said...

lol Highway. Always right. Good job Heidi! :)

Chad said...

Freeway all the freeways out here are free unless they are toll roads i pretty much call it by the name or number