Thursday, September 11, 2008

Maroon 5 ROCKS!

So, yeah. I'm still annoyed with hyperlinking. Thanks for trying Heidi but I think I'm just a dumbass at this.

Anyway... Last night, Brynn stayed the night at the Caudill's house. Brenda watches Brynn during the day so we figured it would probably be easier for Brynn just to stay there. (Thanks for the offer though Jenn!!) Brenda said that she did pretty good, she woke up once in the middle of the night and got up at her usual time this morning. I think that was a little rough on Chad and I... it's only the second night that she's been away from us!! We weren't worried about her, it was just a weird feeling not having her at home with us!!

Back to the subject of this post... Maroon 5 ROCKS!! Chad bought perfect seats, Cricket was packed and it was a lot of fun!! Augustana opened up, Maroon 5 was the second band and then the Counting Crows closed the show. We didn't end up sticking around for the Counting Crows... Chad isn't a big fan, we were exhausted, and the Counting Crows WAY too long to set up.

Our friend Rosey was exactly two rows behind us!! (Um, yeah, I would hyperlink that but I can't figure it out... so you can click on her name on my blog list instead.) I knew she was going to be there but I didn't think she'd be so close to us!! How cool is that?!

Unfortunately, we didn't bring our camera. It was supposed to rain last night and we didn't want to deal with it, so we left it at home. Since we knew we weren't going to take the camera with us, we took a pre-concert picture!! Here is my Hottie Husband Who Buys Me Awesome Birthday Presents and I:


azjenn said...

That was a great picture! I am glad you had a good night! It is important to still have those dates! I should practice what I preach! I bet you couldn't wait to get off work today so you could go and see Brynn! It's so different when they are not around. Quiet, clean, and your cell phone doesn't end up in the lint thing in the dryer! Gotta love those kids!

Sally said...

Glad you two had a great time!

Bri said...

Really like the pic!!! Too bad you didn't take the camera, there would have been even more super cute pics! :) Glad you crazy kids had a good time!

Bri said...

ps- cute cut... you never ended up telling me if you got it chopped or trimmed! :)

Rosey said...

That was totally crazy that my seats were exactly two rows behind yours! :) I got two pictures on my camera phone and they aren't really that great. I'm thinking of posting them anyway. I should have brought my damn camera!!

Harmony said...

Sounds like a lot of fun :) Glad you two got a special night!