Friday, November 14, 2008

Wooster High School Class of 1999

If you were in my class and you're reading this, sign up for FACEBOOK.COM. There's talk of a reunion next year.

*** UPDATE ***

Please send me an e-mail with your name (maiden and married), e-mail address, physical address, phone number, what you are doing now (school, job, etc.
) are you married? have kids? have a website of your own?

We're trying to update a spreadsheet with all of this information. David Abt has sent out a few e-mails trying to get all of this information but a lot of it is old and the e-mail addresses don't work.

My e-mail address is




azjenn said...

Holy cow Amanda! I didn't realize that you and TJ were 10 years apart in school. He has talk of his reunion next year too. Maybe it will be on the same weekend and you and TJ can go back for them! :-) Just kidding...I'll go too.

Bri said...

we'll all go to cedar point! :)