Saturday, February 2, 2008

Monster Trucks!

Last Saturday, we took TJ and Matt to go see Monster Trucks!! This was the third year that we have gone together, we got the tickets for Matt's birthday!

When Chad was growing up, he thought that Monster Trucks were the coolest thing EVER! A few years ago, Matt was really in to cars and trucks and those kinds of things so he thought it would be really cool to take Matt to see them in person. We've all been been hooked ever since.

The first year that we went, Matt's favorite trucks were Batman and Superman. Last year, he liked Batman and Gravedigger (a.k.a. "Graver") and this year, Gravedigger was by far his (and Chad's!) favorite. The people that were sitting next to him really liked Gravedigger a lot too... they went all out and the kids sprayed neon green stuff in their hair, the mom had green bangs and the dad had a really cool green goatee! (Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of them!) However, I did get a picture of a guy with a mullet. It reminded TJ and I of Ohio. ;o)

This year, TJ and my favorite was Batman. So, when TJ and I were chanting "Batman!... Batman!... Batman!" Matt and Chad were chanting "Gravedigger!... Gravedigger!... Gravedigger!" I think we all agreed that this year was the most fun we've had so far!! It's neat to get him a present like taking him to an event because it's one of those things that he'll always remember. (Like the camping/jetskiing trip we went on over 4th of July weekend in 2005! I think we'll all remember that one... especially the jetskiing part, right TJ??)

This year was really cool because Chad found a package of tickets that had included pit passes, so the four of us got to go early and see the trucks up close!! They had some cars there that looked like demolition derby cars (Dad, you would have loved it!) and the driver let kids sign it! Matt thought that was really cool. They also had these mini trucks that kids could drive that were kind of like ATV's but they were all decked out for racing. (I forget what they were called?) Chad thought that was super cool and wants get Brynn into them when she's older!! Matt seemed to think that it was pretty cool and he even got his picture taken with one of the drivers!!

OH and I even got a shirt! You know how at sporting events and those kinds of things they launch shirts into the crowd? Well, I snagged one! It's not even a Monster Trucks shirt, it's from UTI because they're one of the sponsors of the event but still... I got one! Yeah! It was a little chilly that night, so Matt was nice enough to let his Daddy borrow his sweatshirt!!

My diet didn't go so well that night... I had a hotdog and TJ bought nachos and Matt had cotton candy! Ugh. Oh well... it was all SOOO YUMMY!!

While we were at Monster Trucks, Jenn watched Brynn for us!! I'm sure Brynn had fun, especially because she was with her boyfriend Luke!! Here are some pictures from last Saturday.


Sally said...

Way cool Matt, Way cool!

azjenn said...

Those are awesome! I love the picture of Pepper outside and Luke trying to get to him through the door! How cute was that! What a great little story! It is a memory he will always remember. Matt remembers the antibacterial gel you guys used while you were camping. He still mentions that when he gets to put some on. See! Those kind of gifts keep on giving! We are lucky to have you all in our lives. Thanks for keeping the tradition alive! I have some pictures I took of Brynn while I was "babysitting" It shows her little attitude quite well! She is such a red head! I was trying to get her to get her picture with Luke, but they were playing hard to get that night.