Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Aunt Lindy's Quick Trip!

I think this was the least amount of time that Lindy's ever spent on a trip to our house, she was only here from Friday until Tuesday!! Brynn had SO MUCH FUN!! Lindy makes all sorts of goofy faces and noises and sang to Brynn, she just couldn't get enough of it. Lindy handed Brynn to me twice and Brynn cried, she didn't want me to hold her, she wanted Lindy!! What's up with that?! Her Daddy and I are supposed to be the coolest people ever... reality check. We're her parents. ;o)

Brynn tasted Diet Pepsi for the first time and she LOVED to chew on Lindy's camera case. It kind of looks like a little purse. Lindy also taught Brynn to stomp her feet. I need to get that on video!!

Here are some pictures that we took over the weekend!!


Sally said...

That's why you girl's always loved Aunt Lindy...she was always great with you guys! :) Love you Aunt Lindy!

Bri said...

sheesh... are you trying to make me cry here?! do you have the pics of you and aunt lindy on the couch out on the farm? cant wait to get out there with that little booger! :) love you and aunt lindy!! <3