Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Full body rash?!

For the last few days, Brynn hasn't been eating as much as she normally would, she's been really fussy and you could just tell that she wasn't feeling up to par. We just figured it was her teeth bothering her. (Still working on that picture for you!)

Well, last night when I got home, Chad was feeding her baby food and she was just not in the mood for it (if you know Brynn, you know that's totally not like her, she LOVES food!). He gave her a bath and while we were getting her ready for bed, we noticed that she had a rash over most of her body. We gave her some Benadryl and put her to bed, checking on her a few times throughout the night.

This morning, she still had the rash but it wasn't as bad as what it was last night. We took her to daycare, asked Brenda to keep an eye on the rash and to call us if it got worse. I got a call at about 11:30 (or so?). Brenda fed her while she was only wearing her diaper, so that she could keep an eye on the rash. She said that it seemed to get a lot worse after she ate. Luckily, Chad was able to leave work to take her to the doctor.

We found out that she had contracted a virus sometime late last week or over the weekend and this was what was causing her runny nose, occasional fever and fussiness. Apparently it wasn't her teeth. When I got home, Chad gave me the full scoop. He said that Dr. Salek told him that the rash was a "fever rash" and was a sign that her body was fighting off the virus. Ok, then. I've never heard of a fever rash before. Basically, he told Chad that there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to teething. A runny nose and a fever shouldn't be considered signs of teething either.

Whew. I was afraid that they'd have to do allergy tests or something on her to figure out what wrong. Because it's a virus, we can't give her anything for it and she'll get over it on her own.

She's actually doing a lot better tonight. She got a really good nap in this afternoon (so did Daddy!!) and I'm sure that helped a lot.

A few more updates:
* Brynn now weighs 19.5lbs!! (Watch out Jenna, she's catching up!!)
* She has learned to give hugs and kisses!! She has two versions of kisses... one, she looks like she's going to lick your face off and two, she actually puckers up her tiny little lips!!
* (You can skip reading this one but I wanted to document it anyway.) Um, she rolled OFF THE BED last week. I've hesitated to post on this because it makes me feel like a horrible mom. I left the room and she rolled right off the bed. It scared her more than anything, she yelled "Dada!" (um, yeah, not Mama!!)about two seconds before I heard a loud THUMP! and a SCREAM! I ran in, picked her up and told her everything was ok. Tough little girl didn't even cry, she was more scared than anything!!


Sally said...

Amanda when she was little: fever rash - check, rolled off the bed -
check, broke wrist cause I let you wear those stupid jelly shoes - check,opened the back door while I was napping and couldn't get back in so you were outside BY YOURSELF until your screaming woke me up - check, you were 2 or 3 years old, scared the crap out of me! YOU ARE NOT A BAD MOM...SHIT HAPPENS! Feel bad - yes, but you can't beat yourself up about things. I mentally beat myself up when you had your head injury cause I WASN'T OUTSIDE WITH YOU, BRI AND CAMI... you were 9 years old! Stitches when your were 4 - check.
All of these experiences will make you a better Mom. We have all been through stuff like this.

Sally said...

P.S. - one time you had what looked like blisters all over your body, we took you to the doctor and was told that you had UTICARIA...huh?, This was YOUR bodies way of fighting off a virus!

Bri said...

You're not a bad mom... case in point... read everything above!

I think you hurt yourself more then i did as a child! And that's crazy talk! I rolled off the bed so many times, you wouldn't even believe (no comments from the peanut gallery!) waking up mid-fall is scary! My elbow delema... lol you kicked me in the face, i fell out of trees, i run into anything that i think is in my way... still... Fell off the bike, swings, monkey bars... oh my! but mom is a great mother!

it's understandable to feel bad about what happened I felt horrible when any tikes at camp were hurt and i wasnt there to help them out... YOU'RE A GOOD MOTHER! and we wont let you ever forget it! :)

Sally said...

LOL...seemed like every holiday we were in the EMERGENCY ROOM! Amanda did slam the door on your fingers. Remember that Bri? Holy Moly, you screamed like she was killing you! Now that brings a mom runnin'!!!

Amanda West said...

Um, Bri, I didn't kick you in the face... you were running up the slide after me and your teeth hit my foot. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Sally said...


Brenda said...

I see Amanda and Brynn almost everyday, (yes very lucky me.) Amanda and Chad are wonderful parents, that only comes from having wonderful parenting themselves. Brynn is a very lucky little lady to have such a great loving Mommy and Daddy. Sally when you see her next time she will be ready for grammy loves, we tell her this one is from grammy and give her big kisses. And wow when she smiles her big smile the world lights up !!! Even after she fell off the bed like every other child ever born has done. Amanda,, just wait until she starts walking !!!!
Grammy and Bri Brynn said to tell you she is so excited, she can't wait to see you.

Sally said...

Kisses from Grammie everyday please! :)Thanks Brenda!

Rachel said...

Glad everything is ok! Don't feel bad- Johanna fell off the couch when she was about a month old.