Thursday, May 15, 2008


I have realized in the last two days just how lucky and how grateful I am to have Chad and Brynn in my life. I want to enjoy them forever. Sure we've had lots of good days and a few not so good days but all in all, they're amazing.

Do you want to know why?

Yesterday, we found out some of our friends are getting divorced. I'm not going to go into details on here but it made me realize what an amazing husband I have. He loves our daughter to death and would do anything for her. It made me realize that I don't ever want to take him for granted and I appreciate everything he does for us. He's a really involved, dedicated, loving Daddy and really wants to be a part of Brynn's life. And... he puts up with me. Enough said. (No comments on that one!)

On another note, today I had a crappy day at work. It started out ok but after about 9:00, it went downhill. Nothing seemed to go right and I didn't get anything done that I had planned on. I hate that because I feel like I'm letting everyone down. Then, a really immature guy made some really stupid comments and they sent me through the roof. I came to the conclusion that he's the type of person who likes to hear himself talk and thinks he's hilarious. Well, today, I wanted to punch him in the face. Seriously. So a few more things that normally wouldn't get to me, did and I wanted to cry but I held it together and didn't. Bad timing... it was my boss's birthday and it was supposed to be her special day and I had a crap-o frustrated attitude this afternoon. (Sorry Teresa...) Well, I got through the day and came home to this:

Within the 20 minutes that it took me to get home after I had hung up the phone with Chad, Brynn had fallen asleep while she was laying on Chad.

Then, Chad showed me these. He took them this afternoon before her little power nap. You can even see Brynn's teeth!! (Um, and her runny nose!!)

Babe and Brynn, I love you!! Thanks for making me smile.


Sally said...

Brynn giggles! :):):)

Rachel said...

It's a wonderful thing to come home to! Her giggles are too cute! Chad- way to go on being such a great and involved dad. It makes a HUGE difference for your wife and your daughter.

Harmony said...

How adorable!!! I love the little baby giggles :)