Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gooo Diamondbacks!

On Sunday, we took Brynn to her first Diamondbacks baseball game!!

Highlights of her first game:

* Matt's class got to sing the National Anthem (Which we missed! Long story.)
* She kept trying to grab the straws out of the cups that belonged to the people sitting behind us
* She was clapping her hands like crazy when everyone else would
* She loved the jumbotron (What kid wouldn't?! It's like a million times the size of our tv at home!!)
* When she started to get antsy, we'd flip her upside down and tickle her... we found two more teeth coming in!!
* She got to eat her yummy ticket...


Sally said...

Silly girl...

Bri said...

cant wiat to see you guys! you have no idea! :)
love you!