Saturday, January 5, 2008

Old Jaol

Some pictures from the fun "no kids" night that Rachel planned!! I have about 5 more posts to do so I'll let her give a better description of this night!! It was a lot of fun!! Thanks Rachel!!

(Ok, this one is before we went to the Old Jaol but I had to post it somewhere!)

From left to right - Jami, Christina, some girl I don't know that you can't really see anyway, Shannon, Rachel, Me, Chad

Nose ring
Shannon, Christina, Rachel, Kristen and I

Lemon drop shots

Me, Bri and Christina

Me, Bri, Christina, Rachel and Kristen

Kristen and Rachel

Christina and Kristen

Christina, Kristen, Rachel, Jessie and I


Bri said...

love love love all the pics! youre def goign to have to copy a cd of them all... good times!

Cassie said...

i like the new layout! you inspired me to do something different! haha! looks like the old jaol was fun! and the pictures of brynn tasting snow were priceless!

Rachel said...

I will be posting all about this soon!! It was SOOOO GOOD to see you and meet Chad!