Sunday, January 6, 2008

Party at the Shadel's!!

I've put off working on this one because it was going to take forever!!

We had a ton of people show up at the party at my parents' house on the 28th. So many, in fact, I didn't get to spend time with half of them!! It was really cool to have so many people that I haven't seen in a really long time together all in one place. I didn't get pictures of most of them either... which I'm bummed about. Oh well... there's always our next trip...

Here's a picture of Bri, Lisa, Cassie and I. The four of us all skated together when we were growing up, Cassie and I were really good friends. Some of you might know this and some might not... but when Bri and I were little, we took competitive rollerskating lessons. (Similar to ice skating but WAY cooler. Right??) Mom would pick Bri and I up from school and take us to practice and then on some weekends, we'd have competitions, which Dad would go to as well. Cassie was in a different age group than me, which was good because she was better than I was and I always wanted to win... so it worked out better that I was a little younger than her. ;o)

Here's a picture of my friend Rachel and her daughter Johanna and then one with Brynn, Rachel, Johanna and I. Rachel and I went to school together and recently got back in touch through, there is also a link to her blog on my page. She's the one that planned the get-together at the Old Jaol. Johanna and Brynn's boyfriend, Luke, have the same birthday!!

Here's a picture of Amanda and I. She and I were best friends from 7th grade until junior year. She has the same initials and I did, ACS, so that was her nickname around our house. She and I were inseperable. Then, she moved to Sandusky during sophomore year and I eventually lost contact with her, which was my fault. We got back in touch a few years ago and then again through myspace.

Here are a few funny pictures... These are of Sam, Ben and Sofie... with some Chad, Brynn and I mixed in there. Sam and I were really good friends in high school and Ben came over to our house a lot during junior and senior years. They had baby Sofie 5 weeks after we had Brynn, Sofie's original due date was on Chad's birthday but didn't make her arrival until two weeks later. She's super cute and is always happy!! She was awake for the whole party!! (Brynn zonked out at about 7 and woke up again at 9, she was a little cranky and then she didn't want to go back to sleep!!)

All bundled up and ready to go!!

Here's one of Melissa, Heidi, Christina, Sam and I. Melissa, Christina and I all went to elementary, junior high and high school together... we all lived pretty close to each other growing up. I think I started hanging out with Heidi in high school, we had choir together and we always went to Friendly's after concerts. I always had the biggest crush on her brother, but he could have cared less!! ;o) I think Heidi, Sam and I all know more about eachother now than we ever did because of our blogs, which has been awesome... Heidi started that one. We got back in touch through myspace and I copies her and Sam's idea of doing blogs. There are links to their sites on my page. (I don't know why this picture is so small???)

Here's a cute one with a bunch of us in it... From left to right: Chad, me, Heidi holding Sofie, Ben, Sam, Amanda, Christina and her boyfriend Russ. He seems like a super nice, really cool guy. AND he's taller than her! YAY! (That's been a problem in the past...)

Here is one of Rayna and I... I've actually known Rayna for quite a while, she was a server when I was a hostess at Tumbleweed and then, she started working at Rubbermaid after I did!! We didn't actually become friends until then though.

I met Joanie and Liz at Rubbermaid too!! Joanie and Rayna were both in our wedding and Liz had her daughter, Jenna, about two weeks after I had Brynn, on 8/8!

Here's one of Rayna holding Brynn and Joanie holding her 2 1/2 month old baby, Hayden and one of Liz's daughter Jenna looking too cute in her bear suit!!

Ahhh... That's all I'm going to post from the party. There were a lot more pictures and a lot more people that came than what I posted but I think I've seriously been working on this for about an hour and a half now!! Luckily, Brynn's been asleep most of the time!!

We had a lot of fun and I'm glad so many people got to meet Brynn (even if it was only for a few minutes!!). Thank you to everyone who took the time to drive over there (Heidi drove like 3-4 hours!), I know we wouldn't have had enough time to go and visit all of you if you didn't come see us!!

I was so excited to be able to introduce Chad and Brynn to so many of my old friends. I had lost touch with them for various reasons and I'm so glad that we were able to get back in touch!! You never know how much you miss your friends until you don't have them around.

Thanks for helping to make the trip a lot of fun!!


Bri said...

it was really good seeing everyone together again! though it was like back in the day... your friends in one room and mine in the other lol

Heidi said...

It was so fun, Amanda, I'm glad you had that idea. And I love that picture of Sofia and Brynn!

Sally said...

It Was great fun and I'm glad so many of you made the trek to the Shadel House! I didn't think that many people could fit in our house! Nothing like childhood friends and I'm glad you girls are in touch with each other!

Cassie said...

what a great post! the pictures and stories were great! thanks for hosting the party! i know we really appreciated it and were glad to see you all again!

Rachel said...

It was so much fun! I am sad that I missed seeing a lot of the people who came later too :( Thanks again to you and your fam for hosting such a fun get together! Just think how big all the kids will be next time!!

Amanda West said...

OH and I forgot! Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us have the party!!

Sally said...

no problem! :)