Thursday, January 24, 2008


Baby girl, you are officially 6 months old!! You have grown up so much in the last month, it makes me so sad that you're getting so big!!

You can now hold your own bottle and sit up by yourself. You grab the bottle away from us when we get it within your reach. We tried to give you a sippy cup a few nights ago but you didn't want it. You yelled at your Daddy when he tried to give it to you!! You don't like carrots but you like peas. Well, sort of. They mostly end up all over the place but you seemed to like the peas better than the carrots. You must get that from your Daddy, I think peas are yucky!! Today, we tried Sweet Potatoes and you really seemed to like those. You like to take the spoon from me and try to feed yourself. That doesn't work very well yet...

You love your puppies so much and for now, Allie is your favorite. She loves to watch you and to give you kisses.

Your Daddy used to have to rock you to sleep every night (it didn't work when I tried, it just wasn't the same) but now, we read you a book, give you lots (and lots! and lots!) of kisses, tell you it's time to go to sleep and lay you in your crib. You are now realizing that when you're in your crib, it's time for bed. Ahhh... that's been nice. You are moving all around now, not crawling yet, but we put you to sleep in one end of your crib and when you wake up in the morning, you're at the complete opposite end of where you started.

Your hair has been getting super tangled lately and you would get mad at us when we would try to comb it out so we had to get a detangling spray to put in your hair!! When you wake up in the morning, there's always a new knot on the back of your head. Your Daddy and I are quite the team trying to get them out without hurting you!!

You love your baths... as long as the water is hot. You love to "kick, kick, kick" and splash the water. You love to be bundled up in your duck towel that Auntie Bri gave you when you were born. That's the only one that you still fit in, the others are all too small!! I went through your clothes last week and packed up two big totes full of clothes that you can't fit into anymore. You were one stylin' little girl!!

You fit into your pink and white Nike's already. They are so cute on you and you don't quite understand what those things are on your feet. You have really long legs too, your Daddy put a pair of 6-9 month jeans on you the other day and they looked like capris because your legs are so long!!

You're starting to give hugs and "give me five"!! Giving me five is basically just you touching my hand when I say "give me five" but I think you're understanding it!!

We have to take you to get your 6 month shots on Wednesday and I am NOT looking forward to it. You don't like going to the doctor and I don't blame you!! You have had a constant cough and a runny nose for about a month and we can't get rid of it. The doctors won't give you anything for it because you're so little. Last night, Aunt Jenn rubbed some Baby Vicks on you and I did the same tonight, hoping it might help. You get so mad when we wipe your nose, I'm sure it's sore after a month of not feeling good!!

You're becoming a screamer. You scream when you're excited, you scream when you want to hear yourself and you scream when you are MAD!!

For some reason, you think it's hilarious to hear your Daddy say the word "OUT!". The other night, you, your Daddy and I were all hanging out in your room and the dogs kept coming in and bugging us. Your Daddy kept telling them to "GET OUT!" and you just started laughing everytime he mentioned the word "OUT". It was so funny!!

It's so amazing to me how close you and your Daddy are. You have the best Daddy ever, you are one lucky girl!! He loves you so much and would do anything for you!!

Here are some pictures that we've taken of you in the last month.


Sally said...

Awww........miss you guys!

Bri said...

she's so friggen' cute! cant wait till i get out there!!! :)

Rachel said...

Six months already!! She is getting so big! I recognize that goodnight moon book! I can't wait until the next time our girls can play together!

Kate said...

She's getting big! What a cutie :)