Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Matthew!!

Today is Matt's 6th Birthday!! YAY!! On Sunday, TJ and Jenn had some family over to celebrate after church and we stopped by too!! I can't believe he's 6 already!!

Last year, I was really bummed because I missed his party at Amazing Jake's... I had to work. That was his first birthday that I had ever missed, I was so sad!! I remember Jenn was pregnant with Luke and Chad went without me to help TJ with all of the kids.

For his birthday present, Chad and I are taking Matt and TJ to see Monster Trucks!! This will be the third year that we've gone and it's super fun!! Brynn's too little to go this year so Jenn's going to watch her for us, so after Brynn and Luke go to sleep, hopefully she'll have some piece and quiet!! Pictures to be posted on that later in the month!!

Here are a few pictures from the party on Sunday and one of Matt's big smile with his first tooth missing!!


Sally said...

YAY, Happy Birthday Matthew!

azjenn said...

You are so silly! You ARE family and that is that! You didn't just stop by...we wanted our family there! Plus...one of my boys is going to marry Brynn someday so we'll be even closer family! :-) Right now I think she is after Luke. We'll see...girls can change their minds you know! :-) Thanks for the pictures-as always they are awesome! I am leaving a "package" for you tomorrow at Brenda's. Didn't have a Walmart bag so look for a Frys bag! wink wink

Amanda West said...

Yeah, I think Matt is passing her up right now considering he told me that Luke and Brynn were boyfriend and girlfriend at the party!!

OH and thanks for the "package" - it's not going to help much with my weight loss but the contest at work doesn't technically start until the 21st!! ;o)

Actually, Chad was the photographer for most of those ones!! ;o)

Sally said...

Miss you Jenn! I'll see ya in February.......