Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas celebration # 3... at the Shadel house!!

Christmas actually felt like Christmas this year!! Brynn got a ton of presents, including this barrette thing for her hair (Chad just set it on her head...) and this ornament in it's yummy box!

We got up, opened presents and had some breakfast casserole with BOB EVANS sausage in it (YUM! I miss that stuff!) then, Dad had each of us do a scavenger hunt type thing with one gift, which was pretty cool. Here's a picture of Lindy digging for her last clue!!

We celebrated Christmas morning kind of quickly, because Bri's man Jason had to go visit his family before he flew back to Minnesota (long story) but we still wanted him to be a part of everything. We had met Jason the night before but had heard ALL ABOUT HIM for quite a while. Right Bri? Are you embarrassed now?! ;o) Anyway, he's a super cool guy who treats Bri awesome. Awww... aren't they cute?!

That night, we had a bunch of other family members and some friends come over... most of them got to meet Brynn for the first time!! Here are some more pictures from that day!!

This is Bri's friend Greg, who she's been friends with forever. He was cracking us up. He was being fidgity and grabbed the "booger ball" (a.k.a. snot sucker-outer-thing!) and was squeezing it not realizing what it was - luckily, it was clean and it was pointing away from him!!! Oh, and he's super tall, like 6'7" or something crazy like that... he told us he wears a size 18 shoe, that's about as big as Brynn's whole leg! Aww...


Bri said...

haha how funny are you?! that doesnt even begin to sum things up for even that day! i just made you speed up so i could read it before i went to bed! reading that was bittersweet! miss you and know i drove you nuts a bit while you were here... all in a job well done (ill just pat my own back!)

ps- another successful non-fighting trip!

Rachel said...

Sounds like you all had a blast! I thought Brian and I were the only ones who did stuff like scavenger hunts for gifts! It is so fun, huh??!

Sally said...

Yea, I acheived my goal of making it feel like Christmas, after all, I am the Christmas Tree lady at Pinetree! We only decorated 30 trees this year!

Considering all the hoopla at our house this year, I thought Brynn was such a little lady. Miss you Brynn!

It was such a fun Christmas, the best gift was you guys coming home!! Dad's scavenger hunt was funny.

Your trip home re-enforced to me what great parents you and Chadly are! Brynn is one lucky little girl!

Heidi said...

Oh my gosh Greg Cooper looks pretty much exactly the same. I didn't know he got that tall, though! Funny. I am so glad you guys got to come home and I got to see you, I only wish I could have seen Brynn a little more awake. But she's adorable, and her eyes are going to be fine and just as beautiful as they are now, only healthier.