Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hard at work

Chad's mom bought a house in Mesa that she's going to rent out and since she lives in California, Chad and I have been doing everything we can do get it ready for a renter. (I'll clarify... 90% Chad, 10% me!) Chad's been over there every day this week!! Last weekend, we spread about 25 TONS of rock, along with our friend, Bobcat. Chad let me drive it for a little while and then when we realized that he was a whole lot faster at it than I was, he took over again. The other 15 tons were finished up this weekend. Here are some unflattering pictures from last weekend!!

Brynn was a great cheerleader!!

This is what we all felt like afterwards...

So, needless to say, our Christmas tree, lights and decorations were all taken down today because it's the only time that we've had to work on them!! ;o)


Bri said...

cute! and holy crap! my sister was driving a bobcat... and before myself might i mention! well if youre planning on renting it out to me Jod, no need for a pool, ive layed out in the dirt before! :)

miss you guys, love you lots!