Friday, January 4, 2008


Took Brynn for her follow up eye appointment this afternoon... still no changes, they are still just as much crossed as they were a month ago and they're both crossing, it's not one more than the other. He said that he wants to see her in another month and if one eye is stronger than the other by then, we might try to put a patch over the strong one for a few hours a day to try to strenthen the weaker one. He said they won't correct themselves on their own, she'll probably have surgery around the time that's she's a year old. He still wouldn't tell me what the procedure was, he didn't want to freak me out... so, for that I'm grateful.

We, along with a few other people, thought they were straightening out but the doctor said that because the shape of her face is changing and that's why we thought it looked better. That's why he's the doctor... not us!! More updates in a month or so.


Rachel said...

It's good that the doctors know what's going on and have a clear plan so that you can have an idea of what to expect. I have had several friends whose kids had surgery for this very thing (one just a month ago), and everything turned out great! Sometimes it helps to hear and know that :)