Monday, January 14, 2008

$20 Diaper Cream

Brynn has had an awful cough, diarrhea and no appetite since Friday so I took her to the doctor this morning. Little girl, you weigh 16lbs, 1oz!!

Like we thought, because she isn't 6 months old, even though she will be in 10 days, they wouldn't give her any kind of medicine. UGH! Because her butt is all red from the diarrhea and Desitin and ButtPaste haven't worked very well this weekend, he gave her a prescription for some diaper cream.

So after paying a $15 co-pay for the dr visit and $5 for the prescription, we basically paid $20 to get some diaper cream. Atleast she's going to be ok and won't have a sore butt for long!! Oh well, we'd rather be safe than sorry!!


Sally said...

She's teething, your butt used to get like that too! :) Not fun, but $20 for butt creme is worth it if it keeps her comfortable!!!!