Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Mother-In-Law

I think I'm pretty lucky when it comes to mine, the only complaint that I have is that when she comes to visit, she wants to pay for everything. I know, it's not a horrible thing, especially when money is tight, but you kinda feel like you can't ever be grateful enough, ya know? Jody drove in from California on the day that my mom flew back to Ohio and just headed back there today! She teaches and has had the summer off and school is getting ready to start back up again so she had to go back. It's really been nice having her here... I've only had about one day alone with Brynn since I had her and it was kind of a rough one... I don't know if I'm ready to do this by myself yet! For the last couple nights, she's been staying with her parents because my dad is here visiting!! (I'll do another blog on him!!)

Here are some pictures from Jody's last visit in no particular order (she was here for Brynn's delivery and she came back!!):

Thanks for everything Jody!! Love ya!!