Monday, August 20, 2007

Our little fish!!

Chad took Brynn for her first dip in the pool on Saturday night!! We figured it would be ok considering it was 101 degrees in the pool, 90 something outside and 75 in the house!! AT NIGHT!!

She actually liked it!! She didn't scream or cry once!! The first dip in the pool with Daddy went a whole lot better than all of the baths that we've given her... plus, it's a salt water pool so it's good for her skin! ;o)


Sally said...

Love her bikini!

Heidi said... have a saltwater pool? Why? I've never heard of that. I think she looks more like a little frog because of her skinny little froggy legs!

Amanda West said...

Yep, it's salt water. It's a lot cheaper to have a salt water pool than it is to have one that you run with chlorine, plus it's supposed to be less maintenance. Less chemicals involved. It's also better for your skin than chlorine!! They're becoming more and more popular out here. Too bad I'm not allowed to swim for another month!!