Tuesday, August 28, 2007

College graduate!!

It's official!! My sister, Bri, has her degree from the University of Akron in "Communications with concentration on Interpersonal and Public Speaking". Whatever that means!!

She's the first in our immediate family to earn her college degree... so, if you ask me, it's a pretty big deal!! WAY TO GO BRI!! (Yeah, I'm a little jealous!) Chad and I were supposed to fly back to Ohio for Bri's graduation (and take a trip to Cedar Point too!) but we had to make a change of plans when we found out that we were having Brynn and that she was due a month before Bri's graduation!!

Here is a picture of her walking to receive her degree (How the heck did you wear those shoes and not fall on stage?!) and the other is of Bri and her "FRIEND" Jason. I thought it was a cute picture... plus, everyone keeps telling me he reminds them of Chad... so of course, he's gotta be cool!

Bri is flying out here on Friday to visit us and of course to meet her niece Brynn!! YAY!! We haven't seen Bri since the wedding!! (Chad made me promise that I wouldn't fight with her for this visit. ;o)


Sally said...

All growed up, that's my baby girl's...geesh, I'm feeling old!

Rachel said...

Gotta love sisters!! I don't know what I would do without mine! We did have some blood-drawing fights in the past though!!! Congrats to your sis!!

Anonymous said...

Awe, thanks Manda! I know I'm a pretty big deal! jk! Jason has a MUCH better pic of both of us that his dad took... ill get it out to you sooooon! (I'm not wearing that dern cap lol)
Love you!