Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My Mom

Well I had a rough night last night and the night before. Tuesday night, Mom thought it was because I was frustrated with Brynn but I was just bummed that she was heading back to Ohio yesterday. It's been REALLY nice having her here and I really didn't want her to leave. Neither did Chad. She's been great with Brynn... giving us lots of tips and ideas on what to do... but only when we asked. (Or if she could tell that we were completely stressed out...) THAT was nice. It was also really nice on those nights where Brynn just wouldn't go to sleep and Chad and I were getting stressed, she would take her and be able to calm her down for us.

We got a bunch of home cooking too... She made two batches of chocolate chip cookies and four batches of peanut butter cookies plus a bunch of other stuff - the peanut butter cookies were his favorite - that's why she made so many of them!!

For a while, Mom has been talking about getting a tattoo for Brynn. She kept putting it off and putting it off... I kept telling her a wuss because she hadn't done it yet!! Well, she finally did it yesterday!! Chad has a friend through his VW club who is a tattoo artist and he gave Mom a deal!! (It's a lot more clear now than what it was when we took these pictures...)

Here it is, along with a few other pictures from her visit!!

Thanks for everything Mom - there's no way that we could have made it through the last two and a half weeks without you!! Love you!!


Sally said...

Oh geez, I've been trying to keep it together since I got back and then I read this. I miss you guys so much, I'll probably call everyday! I had so much fun and it was such a special time being able to be there for the birth of Brynn. I thought being a mom was the best thing in the world, but, being GRAMMIE is the absolute best and when I see you both with Brynn, well, I just wanted to cry. You both fell in love with her. That's what I was hoping and praying for. I know you will be awesome parents, just remember to have patience because Brynn is new to all of this too! Give my baby girl a kiss from Grammie and tell her she is so loved! And give Allie, Smelly and Milo one too! :) Brynn's got one bad ass Grammie!

Heidi said...

Awww, this made me laugh and then cry, and Sally you're right, Brynn does have a bad ass Grammie! I love the tattoo, that is awesome.

Sharon said...

That is a wicked cool tatoo!! Have fun though when she turns 13 and says she wants a tatoo that says I Love Grammie;) Hang in there, remember as much as you love and miss your mom, that's what Brynn feels for you. You're not alone!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Manda for not warning me about this blog... geez. "I'm posting a new blog, check it out!"

Well, you should have told me not to read it at work you goofball... try reading that and not hoping the next flight out to AZ and bringing Grammie with me!!!

I can't wait to see you all and meet my first niece, Beamer! :)

Love you!

Aunti Bribo

LuAnn :o) said...

I heart the photo of the four of you, it's awesome. Don't worry too much, you two will do just fine on your own with Brynn, you'll see. And mom is only a phone call or email away if you need her. Brynn is adorable!