Saturday, August 4, 2007

All smiles!!

Ahh... today has been a much better day. See? Brynn thinks so too!! This is the first picture that we have of her smiling, we took it this morning!! Note to self... she's only 10 days old!

She slept until 7:30 this morning and then we got up, fed her and got ready to go to breakfast at Cracker Barrel with GG-Pa and GG-Ma, Grammie, Daddy and myself! GG-Pa and GG-Ma were over at our house right on time at 9:00 but I had just jumped in the shower so we didn't end up leaving until around 10:00. Reminder... we're on Brynn's schedule. Plus, I was exhausted from last night so I was a little slow getting around this morning. Brynn did great, she slept through the whole meal!! Anyway, here are a few pictures that we took this morning at our house and at breakfast. I thought these turned out really good!!

This afternoon, Laura (my boss from Waxie) and her family all came over for a visit!! They couldn't believe how much hair she has!! Here's a picture of them with Brynn.

After that visit, we gave Brynn a bath and then we all took a nap. All of us. It was AWESOME. I totally needed it, I was out! Hopefully we'll get to bed shortly and get to sleep in until atleast 8:00 tomorrow! That would be so nice!! Here's one of Brynn after her bath, all wrapped up!!


Heidi said...

Wow-she is so loved, that's awesome.

Rachel said...

She is so beautiful and so loved!