Thursday, August 23, 2007

Field trips and LOTS of pictures!!

It's been a busy week and it's not even Friday yet!! Well, this week alone, Brynn has seen about half of Maricopa County!!

Tuesday, Brynn and I took a trip out to Queen Creek to visit GGMa and GGPa!! They're taking off in their RV for six weeks so we wanted to make sure that GGMa got her fill of "Brynn time" before they left!! While we were there, it started to get really hot... they were having problems with their a/c. So, that night, they took us out for dinner (GGMa got EVEN MORE "Brynn time"!!) and yesterday, Chad got their a/c up and running again. Way to go Babe!! Oh, and GGPa just had to call Jody and rub it in that they were getting some "Brynn time" and she wasn't!! This seems to be the thing to do when we get together!!

Yesterday, Brynn and I went to visit Erin in Phoenix!! Cooper (Erin and her husband Mike's puppy) gave Brynn lots of kisses, he was just her size!! Erin got to feed Brynn while we were there and we ate some yummy brownies too!!

Today, we met Daddy for lunch in Tempe and then went to Waxie to see a lot of people that I haven't seen for almost a year now!! Plus, we were running low on diaper/burp cloths and batteries, so we stocked up!! Debbie got to feed Brynn while we were there!! (Sorry Debbie... had to post it!!) ;o)

Tomorrow, Mommy and Brynn are staying home and getting some stuff done!! Plus, Mommy is getting a little sore from carrying the carseat around everywhere!!

Here are some of the ones that we took on Sunday...

Amy finally holding Brynn - it's the first official picture that we have of them together... we forgot to get one while Amy was still in her scrubs after she delivered Brynn!!

Ben and Morgan - they look so grown up!!

Morgan and Luke

Steph and Connor reading the paper

Luke tackling Brad

Luke tackling his older cousin Connor! (Amy and Scott's baby!!)

Ann holding Brynn

Matt hangin out on the couch

Nap time!! (Brynn and Connor)

TJ and Jenn... I just realized that I need to start taking more pictures of you guys!!


Sally said...

YAY for Amy, you were so awesome in the Delivery Room. I'm so greatful that you were there to help Amanda!

Samantha said...

That first picture cracks me up! I can't wait to see how her one-month portraits turn out. I just wrote you a book of an e-mail, but myspace screwed it all up when I tried to send it. Do you have another e-mail address I can use?