Saturday, August 4, 2007

Weigh-in, raspberries, eyebrows, pictures!

Brynn's weigh-in went great - here are the stats:

Birth weight: 7lbs, 5oz
Weight at first doctor's appointment: 6lbs, 8oz
Weight at follow up weigh-in: 6lbs, 15oz!!

She gained 7oz from Monday to Thursday - YAY Brynn!! She's been eating like crazy and her feeding schedule is changing too. Tonight (Friday night) she's been eating like crazy since about 8:00! It is now 12:26am and Grannie is attempting to burp her. It's not working. Last night, she slept from 12:30am until 8:00am (so did I!!) -how awesome is that?! She took a few naps today too so I was able to get a few things done.

Today, the funniest thing happened... and we caught it on videotape!! I was kissing and giving Brynn raspberries on her cheeks and as soon as I stopped, she TOOTED REALLY REALLY loud!! Grammie was videotaping Brynn making funny faces and luckily she caught that on tape too!! We're submitting it to America's Funniest Home Videos - I'll keep you posted if anything happens with it!! It was HILARIOUS!!

OH! IMPORTANT NEWS! I now officially have TWO EYEBROWS instead of one! You don't realize how little time you really have to get things done that normally wouldn't be a big deal. I had to PRIORITIZE and make sure that they got done! I had a little time yesterday and I was all excited when I was finished - I made sure that Chad and Grannie noticed what a good job I did too! ;o)

We're up for visitors now - so as long as you aren't sick, or have any kind of symptoms, give us a call and we'll pencil you in!! ;o) She's such a cutie, I want everyone to meet her!! Yesterday, GG-Pa and GG-Ma (Chad's grandparents - we call them G-Pa and G-Ma so to Brynn, they're GG-Pa and GG-Ma!) came over for a visit and today, Nicholas stopped by for a while! Here are pictures from those visits...

It is now 1:12am. I just fed Brynn AGAIN. I don't know where she's storing all of this milk at but she just keeps eating and eating and eating. I just layed her down and HOPEFULLY she's down for the count. I'm pooped. Oh well. Atleast I'm getting to finish up this post!!

Here are a couple pictures that I took today during one of her naps:

It is now 1:33am. I'm going to bed. Goodnight!!


Sally said...

Grammies POOPED too! :)

Amanda West said...

lol... oops, I accidentally typed Grannie instead of Grammie... see, you could tell I was tired!!