Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Babe!!

Today, Chad turned 31!! Compared to last year's big shin-dig, this birthday was pretty low-key!! We did go out for dinner though!! We went to a steakhouse that we both like and it was our first trip out for dinner with just Chad, Brynn and I!! It's so neat to have a little addition at the table now!! (She just sleeps through the whole thing in her carseat anyway but it's still neat!!)

Babe, I hope you had a good birthday - thanks for being such an awesome Daddy to Brynn!! You have been so thoughtful and helpful throughout everything, you are the best husband ever!! I love you!!

Here are a few pictures that we just took within the last day or two!! The ones where she's laying down with the pink background are where she's laying on her changing table pad, we call these her "Tootin' and Poopin'" faces!! (Yeah, probably a little too much detail there but oh well, THAT'S OUR GIRL!!)


Heidi said...

Aw, happy birthday Chad! Brynn's faces crack me up. And Amanda-you look great!

Anonymous said...

I told you ABC :) or I told Chadly or mom... one of you!