Saturday, July 7, 2007

My birthday - 07/07/07

I had a nice birthday today!! It consisted of:

* Chad and I going to meet with a pediatrician... who we LOVED!! The office was all nice and clean... it has a sick entrance, a well entrance and another entrance for kids who had things that were contageous... so they get their own little area. The doctor that we met with reminded us of a guy that I used to work with at Waxie, he had the same manorisms and everything. This place kind of reminded me of home... laid back and family oriented. I've had the same doctor since I was little, Chad even met him when we went back to Ohio for Christmas in 2005. This seemed like the same kind of place. This place was top notch compared to the first one we checked out. Thanks for the referral Teresa!!

* Went to The Good Egg for brunch

* Brenda and Tim came over and brought me a balloon and flowers... Tim got to check out the nursery for the first time!! (Yes, I know I need to post some pictures... I will do that soon...)

* Chad and I went to Casino Arizona to try our luck, which we didn't have any of. We got there and it was PACKED. None of the machines were open and it reaked of cigarette smoke so we left after walking around for a while. It makes you realize how lucky you are to live in a city where all of the buildings are non-smoking. We ended up going to Fort McDowell instead. There weren't as many people there and it didn't reak quite as bad as Casino Arizona... we didn't win anything though. Oh well, we tried!! Chad bought me five Powerball tickets for tonight too, so maybe my luck will turn around... (You will definately all be receiving phone calls if that happens... not just a blog!!)

* Went to Native New Yorker for dinner, which was pretty good. (Now we can't eat out for a while!!)

* My parents got me a gift certificate for the place that I've been getting pedicures at so that will be on the agenda for next weekend, along with my massage from Jenn! I think the 14th will be a good day!! Woo hoo!!

I am now relaxing and putting my feet up. They are completely swollen and hurt like you wouldn't believe. I'm not doing anything for the rest of the night. Sounds like an awesome plan to me!!

I definately had a WAY BETTER birthday than I had last year. Thanks Babe!! (And everyone else who remembered!!)