Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oil... for the car and to drink.

I am cracking up as I am typing this and I was really debating whether or not I should blog about it. This just goes to show you how big of a dumbass you (ok, well, me anyway) become when you are pregnant.

So, as we all know, I've been ready (along with Chad!) for Brynn to make her appearance for quite some time now. (Even though we know that Brynn hasn't been ready, like I've said before in most of my other blogs, I don't have much patience...)

Anyway, back to my story...

Over the last two weeks, quite a few guys have told me that their wives have taken a tablespoon of Castrol oil and that put them into labor... A few women have told me the same thing too. Someone even recommended it to us when we were at the car show on Saturday! So today, Chad and I were talking about it while he was on his lunchbreak, he called to see how I was doing. I told him that I thought we should try it and we were cracking up because he said that he thought we had some in the garage... but I told him that I wanted some "fresh stuff", not the 200 degree stuff that we had out in the garage!! (Yes, I am still cracking up as I type this...)

So after we got off the phone, Chad told one of the guys that he works with that he was going to pick up some Castrol oil after work so that I could take a tablespoon full and hopefully it would put me into labor! Dennis started cracking up and Chad this was the rest of their conversation:

Chad: "What?! Everyone has told us that it works!"

Dennis: "It's not CASTROL oil, it's CASTOR oil" (but when he said it, it still sounded like Castrol... )

Chad: "Yeah, that's what I said!"

Dennis: "CAST-ER OIL"

Chad: "Ohhhh.... I'd better call Amanda to let her know!"

I had a voicemail from Chad explaining the difference... so I went to Walgreen's website to see what exactly this stuff was... Chad picked some up on his way home.

CASTOR OIL (read the fine print, "Stimulant laxative, for the relief of occasional constipation"):

Chad found a bottle of CASTROL OIL in the garage, this is what you are NOT supposed to drink.

I hope that story made you laugh, there's no way that I could have made that one up!! I told Brenda about it earlier today and she said "DO NOT GO TO CHECKER'S, GO TO WALGREENS!"

So, with this CASTRO OIL, along with all of the water that I am drinking, I have been in the bathroom A LOT tonight. (Including the two times that I went while typing this blog!)

Here's a prego picture that Chad took today... I'm exactly 39 weeks today, her due date is a week from today!


Rosey said...

ROFLMAO!!! You haven't ever heard of Caster Oil before? Maybe it's just my family and thier incredibly homeopathic ways...we use caster oil for everything...stys in your eye, neckaches, etc. Although you've already done it I've heard quite the opposite about taking it to induce labor. You'll spend an awful lot of time on the toilet and that might cause enough intestinal distress to induce labor...but then you'll be in labor AND have the runs!

Sally said...

You guys crack me up! Seriously, I wouldn't take anymore of it. Not until you've talked to the doc with everything else going on.

Brenda said...

You are the best matched couple in the world. Amanda I just don't see you picking up that dirty bottle and taking a big drink, good thing you demanded the "fresh stuff". OMG.. You really crack me up.I really don't recall in any of those conversations anybody saying "Hay Chad run to Checkers and grab some 10w 40 now do you?

Amanda West said...

Ok, now I knew this was going to be a funny blog but I didn't think I'd get any comments on it!! Or if I did... I didn't think they'd be on here so quickly!!

Rosey, what the heck is ROFLMAO?! It sounds like you're going to get sick!! I was laughing when I saw that... Nope, seriously I had never heard of it before. AND, I've heard that a lot of the time, you end up going to the bathroom during labor anyway (read Jenny McCarthy's book, I'm telling you, it's a good one!) so atleast this way I won't need to!!

Mom, no worries.

Brenda, I just started busting out laughing so bad I was crying... LITERALLY! I am sitting in the office and yelled for Chad to come in here... I just read him the first three comments and I don't think I've seen him laugh so hard in a long time!!

Sally said...


Sharon said...

Don't feel bad, those Arizonians have an accent and don't let anyone who isn't from the Midwest tell you otherwise;) Plus, when I cooked for the first time (like at age 7) I had a recipe that called for Canola oil. I looked at it, and then told my mom it looked funny. I was expecting it to look like what went in the car....so maybe it's just genetics!

Bri said...

HAHA when you told me I couldn't laugh as hard as I wanted to because I was driving! :)

It's sounds like something I would say... so for that I give you a very strong golf clap! ha ha

And with the picture you receive a standing O! Good thing us Shadel's want the best!

Cassie said...

I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog! You crack me up! You always have the funniest stories and it's great to hear about how you are doing! I hope things move quicker for you and that your beautiful baby arrives with ease! Take care!! I'll keep checking back to see if you've had her yet!

Sally said...

Ya know Amanda, if Pop were still here, he would have you take that damn Golden Oil that he took for everything!! :) Nasty stuff, we used to laugh at him all the time when he took it. He would be so excited and proud of you...

Rosey said...


Yep Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off!! :)

I know I've heard all about the joys of pottying on the delivery table. Did you happen to read Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy? That one was pretty good too. Although I'm getting a wee bit bored with my breastfeeding book so I'm hoping I can finish it soon and move on to something more exciting. I want to check out the Jenny McCarthy book you told me about.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is I always thought it was Castorol Oil too!! WOW!! I think it was just how people spelled it! Good thing you set me straight!! :o)
Love ya hon! Hang in there!!