Sunday, July 22, 2007


Today has been kind of relaxing, we went and picked up the Pack and Play that Mom and Dad ordered for us... and I took pictures while Chad and Mom attempted to put it together for the first time!! ;o)

While we were at Babies-R-Us getting the Pack and Play, we ended up buying Brynn's first Halloween costume too!! You'll have to wait until October for pictures though!!

Just got done hanging out in the pool - the water was 96 degrees!!


Sharon said...

This morning I got to work, and I'd put Brynn's due date in my Outlook calendar awhile back. So I get greeted by a note that "Brynn Mae West is due in 16 hours"! The way Outlook reminds you of a calendar entry is to put the event name and then "due", but I thought it was funny anyway. So my Outlook calendar says 12:00 am is when this thing is going to happen! Hang in there.

Amanda West said...

That's pretty funny!!

Well that will work for me, especially since you're behind us by an hour or two!! We'll go by your time zone!! ;o)