Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hair and other things.

My hair has been driving me nuts lately. So, since we're trying to save some money, I decided to cancel my hair appointment with the salon that I really like and just go to one of those cheapy places to get it done. My parents own a hair salon in Ohio and my mom and dad have always told me not to go to one of those cheapy places. I can see why... the lady who did my hair was a total nut job. She had purple-ish pink-ish hair and lost her train of thought while giving her 20 year old boss her order from Subway. That should have been my first clue. She asked what I wanted done with my long layer and I told her I wanted an inch cut off the longest layer and the rest of it, just trimmed. So, what did she do? SHE TOOK AN INCH OFF ALL OVER. I'm sure to a lot of you that are reading this, that doesn't seem like a big deal. Now if you're my mom, dad, or Bri, and you're reading this you are probably cracking up. I've always been picky about what I want done to my hair... right guys? I wasn't a happy camper when I saw so much hair falling onto the floor. To top it all off, she didn't even dry it, she just cut it and that was it. I didn't know how these places really worked. So, since it's a million degrees outside, it was basically dry by the time I got home. Well, I re-wet it and styled it myself and it ended up turning out ok. Chad says "It's cute, I like it Babe". I asked him if he was telling me the truth or not, he says he is. ;o) All I know is that my parents need to hurry up and move closer to us so I don't have to deal with purple-ish pink-ish color hair nut job ladies anymore.

We had another doctor's appointment this afternoon and there aren't really any updates... I'm still 50% effaced with no dialation. Hmph. Next appt is on the 11th.

We got a new camera!! (That's one of the reasons that I ended up at the cheapy hair place.) So, here's an updated prego picture with my haircut that you can't see very well BECAUSE NUT JOB LADY CUT SO MUCH OFF!!

OH. Just so you know, my friend Jenn is AWESOME! For my birthday, she got me a gift certificate for a maternity massage (even though it says that it's from her sons Matt and Luke!). I can't wait to use it!! I made the appt for the 14th (the day we're hoping that I deliver) because I won't have time go make it over there until then!! YAY!!


Sally said...

I was trying really hard not to laugh when you called, all I kept thinking was, oh shit, she's either crying or reemed the lady good! It will grow back and if it needs straightened up, I'll be there on the 11th!!:)
I always told you your mamma's always right! LOL.....

Brenda said...

Amanda between haircuts and food you really keep this world on their toes. I'm with your Mom did you reem the pinkish purpleish person and tell her to eat on her own time. By the way your hair looks fine and Brynn will love you no matter what your hair looks like.