Wednesday, July 11, 2007

38 weeks and 1 day

Today they had a shower for Brynn at work, here are a few pictures... and NOPE, Brenda still didn't get any full-on belly pictures!! (Sorry Mom, I didn't think about it...)

Here's her first pair of Nike's!!

And here's a cute ladybug toy that lights up...
We also had another dr appt today, we have a little bit more progress... I'm 50% effaced and 1cm dialated. With some of the things that I told her were going on, like me sleeping horribly for the last three nights and me feeling awful last night and today, she said that could be a sign that I'll be delivering sooner than later. YAY! I hope so. The next appt is on the 18th and she said that if I wasn't progressing a whole lot at that appointment, they were going to "strip my membranes" (I won't go into detail on what that is...) and hopefully that will help speed things up.

HOWEVER, I'm hoping that my massage and the pedicure that I'm wanting to squeeze in on Saturday will help speed things up as well and hopefully we won't even make it to that next appointment. ;o)

Our friend Amy (one of my Pseudo sisters!) is a delivery nurse at the hospital that we're having Brynn at, and she's going to take us on a quick tour of the hospital/maternity ward on the 18th as well!! (Like I said before though, HOPEFULLY we won't make it that long!!)

Other than me having pregnancy head, heartburn, and an attitude that have been about a million times worse than normal (and you didn't think the attitude could get any worse!!) I'm doing ok!!

P.S. Chad's been hanging out in the garage working on the Bug a whole lot more than normal too... I'm catching on...


Sally said...

EXCITED, EXCITED, EXCITED...CAN YA TELL I'M EXCITED? I'm starting to pack my bag today. Hopefully I can fit in the Dr. Suess books, your blue carebear and your first baby pooh bear! I think I should have room for a few of my clothes! ")
Call if ya start labor and I will change my flight.
Can't wait to give you and Chad a big ole' mom hug soon. I might not let go!
I am so excited and happy for you guys and I'm all ready in love with Brynn Maye West! MY GRANDAUGHTER!

Heidi said...

Strip the, I've never even heard of that. Sounds, well, gross. I hope they don't have to do that to you.

Sally said...

I sure as hell hope you take after me...I popped you out in 5 hours! Grandma Curl always said we have good birthing hips! ")