Saturday, July 28, 2007

She's here!!

She's here!!

July 24, 2007 (Right on time!!)
7lbs, 5oz (about 2oz of that is hair!)
20 1/4" long (when her hair isn't spiked!)

Chad's nicknames for her so far: "Baby Girl" and "My Little Burrito" (because she LOVES to be wrapped up like a burrito in her blankets!!)
My nicknames for her so far: "Baby Girl Brynn" and "Pretty Girl"

Here's a link to the Chandler Hospital... - click on the drop down menu at the top. Click on "A", then click on her name... Brynn Maye. There are two different pictures on there, she took 20 pictures but her hands kept going up in front of her face and she wouldn't look at the camera... so we asked her to take some more. One of them looks like she's going "WHAT?!" and the other looks like she's holding a phone or throwing up gang signs or something! ;o)

Our friend Amy was our delivery nurse!! She actually wasn't scheduled for Tuesday night but she came in anyway just to deliver Brynn!! By the time she got to the hospital, I was already 10cm!! She was AWESOME!! Chad and I were a lot more comfortable when she got there, I can't imagine doing it that night without her. Thank you Amy!!

My mom and Chad's mom were both in the room when I was going through labor, everything went well... without going into a lot of detail, we ended up doing a c-section because she was stuck and there's no way that she was going to come out!! Brynn and I are both recovering from it very well, with the help of her Daddy!! They are both AMAZING. Chad and I LOVE being parents and I don't think either one of us could imagine not having her. She's a BEAUTIFUL baby... I can't believe she's ours!! I'm a MOMMY NOW!!

I will post more pictures as I have time... I have to keep my feet propped up so they don't swell to the size of Brynn and I want to spend all of my time with her and Chad now. Don't worry, we're going picture crazy so there will be plenty to come but it may just take me a little while to get them posted!! We got home from the hospital yesterday afternoon and have been busy ever since!! I'm trying to use Windows Vista now and I don't know what the heck I'm doing yet so that's another reason why I'm so slow!

Last night was our first night home and it went better than I thought it would!! Unfortunately, I had a little bit of pizza for dinner last night and since I'm breastfeeding, it made Brynn's belly upset. She was really gassy and it took her a while to fall back asleep after one of her feedings. She's doing great now though!! Lesson learned... I really have to watch what I am eating now!! I'm drinking lots of water too.

Mel, Allie and Milo are all doing great with Brynn!! They were really excited to see me when I walked in the door yesterday... then they saw Brynn and forgot all about me! We avoided them for a little while so she didn't freak out and then while she was sleeping and wrapped up, we let them smell the back of her head and her blanket. By the end of the night, we had her unwrapped and they would come up and sit next to us and just watch her. They snuck in a few kisses here and there too. As of this morning, Mel has taken over the role of being Brynn's bodyguard. She's always right next to Brynn. This afternoon, our neighbors April and Nathan came over while we had her in the swing and Mel walked up and stood between the swing and Nathan, like she was protecting Brynn. Too cute!

My mom (Grammie) has been a HUGE help through all of this - while we were at the hospital, she cleaned the house!! I think it was her chocolate chip cookies that put me in to labor. ;o) Chad's mom (Granny) has also been great - she's staying with Chad's grandparents (GG-Ma and GG-Pa) until Monday, then she has to head back to California!! HOPEFULLY she'll be back in a few weeks!! They are sooo proud!! Brynn is the first Grand-Baby for both of them!! YAY!! Chad's sister Ana (Auntie Ana) flew out here today too!! She's so excited, she makes me laugh, she's so careful when she's handling Brynn... I think she's afraid she's going to drop her or something because she's so tiny!! She's going to be an awesome mom someday!!

Here are a few pictures... just make sure that you check out the Chandler Hospital site too!

It's not a very clear picture but you can see that she gets her sense of humor from both of us...

Her foot

Daddy wrapping Brynn up like a burrito for the first time!!

Mommy kissing Brynn

Her first view of outside

Closeup from last night

See? I told you she was BEAUTIFUL!! ;o)


Heidi said...

OH my gosh-she's AMAZING! I am so happy for you guys, I can't even express it.

Sally said...

Proud doesn't even begin to describe how I'm feeling right now! She is absolutely the best baby and pretty to boot! Amanda and Chad are awesome parents and the dogs, well, they are too cute with Byrnn.
It was pretty cool being in the labor and delivery room with Amanda, Chad and Jody. Amy was awesome, we were all so very glad when she showed up!
I feel like the luckest Grammie in the World right now!

Chad said...

I am so happy she is finally here It seemed like it took forever for her to come. I think that is me being impatient but she is well worth the wait. She looks like the both of us I know one thing for sure is that she has my big flat feet. What was really cool is that she seemed to recognize my voice right away I was standing on one side of the basinete and was talking to her and she turned her head then I stood to the other side and she turned her head that way It is amazing what they pick up on in momas belly. There isnt anything I wouldnt do for Amanda and Baby Brynn. I cant say thanks enough to grammy shadel for coming and taking care of us this past week she has been a great help. Thanks to my mom for comming at such a short notice to show her support for us. She actually made it in record time from CA. Thanks to Amy for making us feel so comfortable you were such a big help. The dogs are loving her also I will get some pics posted up soon of them giving kisses.

Samantha said...

Aw...what a cutie! I knew all that heartburn was paying off. Ben says she has, "rockstar hair!" I'm so anxious to have Sofie home safe and compare notes!

Bob & Gina said...

You all have the right to be proud. She is a beauty! Glad to hear Amanda and Brynn are both doing well. Bob and I wish you all much happiness.