Sunday, July 29, 2007


In reading all of my blogs, you are probably going to get way more info than what you needed to know but I'm also using this as a way to look back at memories of Brynn growing up. So, if you don't like it, don't read it!!

Last night was kind of a rough one (Saturday night)... we were up pretty late with Brynn. We've been having some problems burping her after she eats, she just falls asleep and won't burp or toot. We keep trying and trying and nothing works. Well, we were up with her until about 1:30 trying everything we could and finally we broke down and woke Grammie up. We didn't know what else to do! Grammie took Brynn and started singing to her and she was seriously asleep within about 15 minutes. What the heck are we going to do after she leaves on the 8th?!

This morning she FINALLY POOPED AND HAD A SUPER WET DIAPER!! (See, way more info than what you needed!) She was really calm today and has been in a good mood. Tonight, she has had two more "Hershey Squirt" diapers! YAY Brynn!

My days have been flying by since we went into the hospital on Tuesday. I love spending time with Chad and Brynn... Chad has to go back to work on Wednesday though, I am really bummed. I wish my mom's Powerball ticket would have had more than one good number on it last night, we'd be able to spend all of our time with Brynn!! ;o)

Tomorrow is her first real pediatrician appt, so I'll keep you posted.

Here are some pictures that we've taken since she's been born... in no particular order.


Anonymous said...

I love reading all about Brynn! It gives me some things to keep in mind when we have a baby! I'm so happy for you guys! And I love all the pics!!

Anonymous said...

Oppps I didn't leave my name! :o(

Anonymous said...

Of this bunch, I love the pic of Chad calm and Brynn screaming which seems to be at the top of her lungs... I'm sure she will only get louder (knowing us girls!) Mom told me what she sang to Brynn and it's what Mim used to sing to me to get me to sleep... almost shed a tear when she told me that... too cute. You will do awesome when mom leaves (ps did she decide on Grammie? I think Grams and Gramps would be good!) :)

Heidi said...

I love how she sleeps with her arms up around her head, that is too cute.