Monday, July 23, 2007

Chad charging his PSP last night

(So that atleast HE can be entertained while we're waiting in the triage waiting area before I have Brynn...)

Didn't work either.

Neither did the chocolate chip cookies that my mom made this afternoon. (They made Brynn jump around like crazy in my belly though!) And now... I have heartburn. They ARE good though!! ;o)


Samantha said...

Some natural ways to stimulate labor (if your body is ready!) that we talked about in our classes include: nipple stimulation, acupressure on the roof of your mouth (think thumb sucking), and walking of course. I've also heard sex can work to aid in softening and dilation of your cervix. Hope these are helpful!

Heidi said...

Wow-I guess when you're getting ready to have a room full of people stare at your vagina for several hours its no big deal to throw around phrases like nipple stimulation=)

Amanda West said...

Now THAT was a good one Heidi!! ;o)