Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Doctor's appt and hospital tour

Well, this morning wasn't too exciting, I did some laundry, got the house cleaned up a little and then headed to the doctor's office to meet Chad for my weekly checkup.

Luckily, I haven't gained anything from last week, it said that I actually lost a pound... Chad says that it's from that CASTOR OIL that I tried yesterday since it cleaned me out so good. (If you haven't read that blog yet, you need to.) I am still only at one cm... but the doctor stripped my membranes. IT HURT! Sometimes this helps to speed things up, sometimes it doesn't. Since nothing else has worked, hopefully this will!!

Tonight, our friend Amy who is a delivery nurse (she's also one of my pseudo sisters) graciously took Chad and I on a tour of the hospital that we're delivering at!! I'm hoping she'll be scheduled to work when we deliver... but that means that we'll have to deliver in the middle of the night!! She told us that she's heard people say all sorts of things while they were in labor and some people get pretty nasty. I told her I might be kind of nasty... especially since the "F" word has been my word of choice lately. I told her not to take it personally and if she wanted, she could say it right back to me and that actually I would probably prefer her to, then I wouldn't feel so bad (yes, I'm serious Amy - hopefully it will add a little humor to the situation!!). I bet I'm one of the only ones that she's heard that from before!! Chad said "Hey, as long as Amanda's saying it to you and not to me, I'm ok with it!!"

During the tour, she took us into one of the rooms and she showed us some of the equipment that they may need to use when we deliver... along with one of the beds. I didn't know that a bed could do so many things! She also made sure that she showed Chad where the room is that he has to go to get me ice chips. That, along with him knowing where they keep the washcloths that will help to keep me cool were priority. We got to see the nursery and she told us Chad will be the only one that will be allowed to go in there because he gets to wear an ID wrist band. We're hoping to be in one of the rooms that she showed us. That would be the delivery room unless we had to do a c-section... then we get to go to another room. That's when it gets all complicated on where to go and what Chad gets to do.

It was a pretty cool tour because she was able to explain a lot of stuff to us that I didn't have a clue about before. I think I'm definately more nervous than I was before though, just because it's so close to delivery and I know I'm going to be checking in soon as Amanda West, prego girl... and checking out as Amanda West, A MOM.


Sally said...

AW Amanda, MOM is the BEST title in the world! IT IS THE BEST AND MOST IMPORTANT JOB IV'E EVER DONE. Giving birth to and raising two really awesome and responsible women. I am so proud of you both!!!
Woo more day till I'm in AZ! Love you! MOM

Rachel said...

Hey!! You'll be great! I was nervous about delivery too. But then I thought about all the women out there that have done it, and I knew that I was tougher than some of them lol! You're in my thoughts and prayers as you go through the end of your pregnancy, delivery, and the the beginning of being a mommy! It really is the greatest thing ever! I wasn't so sure about that during the first few weeks lol, but it REALLY is the BEST!!!

azjenn said...

I think it helps to know what you are going into...Being it's your first time there are still a lot of unknowns you are about to experience-the nerves will go out the window once you start those contractions! It will be the most amazing experience you will EVER go through! It is a wonderful blessing to be able to carry and deliver a baby and you will totally understand once you have done it! Yes it sucks before and during, but once you see her in your arms and get to hold that tiny, fragile, little bundle all the heartburn, stretch marks, constipation & weight gain becomes a minor detail once you stop and think that this is a little bit of me and a little bit of Chad all in one beautiful creature! Ok-that is a little sappy, and I do have tears in my eyes, but it is so true! Being a Mom is the best!!! You'll do great! You have a great big helper with Chad so you are already off to a great start!